Peaksdell -- The Free City

Meteor Mission Part 2

The party welcomed a new member at the dearven city, a dwarf by the name of Grimtor. A group of scouts led the party through the mines, and into a cavern complex. A brief encounter with Piercers kept the party alert, but their trip was otherwise uneventful. Once out of the caverns, the party made their way through a pass where they were attacked by a group of Displacer Beasts.
Once again, the party’s druid Aloren managed to skew the battle at the start with a well-placed Earthmaw spell. One Displacer Beast was instantly swallowed by the very ground beneath its feet. The rest of the party made short work of the remaining attackers, and then skinned all three, after digging out the buried creature. The party hopes to either sell these hides, or have them made into Cloaks of Displacement.
The party finally made it to their destination zone with no further fights, and found a survivor from the previous party. A ranger happened to own a Ring of Regeneration, and eventurally was able to fight off the poison of the Wyvern that killed him. Once he had shaken off the poison, and heal all the damage of a terrible fall into the mountain, the ranger started looking for a way to leave the mountain. He first searched for and found the remains of his party, and retrieved some bones to try to have them resurrected.
The party collected 29 pounds of meteor rocks, and made camp for the night in the forest at the base of the bowl they are searching for ore in. Not long after most of the party went to sleep, they were attacked by a band of Trolls, who killed the halfling Barton and seriously wounded several party members. Barton’s body was searched, and the emeralds he stole from the Sundered Dwarves were discovered.

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Meteor Mission

The party travelled to the Dwarven mountain city in the mountain range southwest of Peaksdell.
Along the way, they stopped at an outpost of Sundered Dwarves, who operate an iron mine and produce some of the highest quality steel on the continent. This is due to the impurities found in the ore they mine. The dwarves profess to make their considerable weath from steel, but also operate a highly profitable gem mine.

After leaving the Sundered outpost, the party was ambushed by a scouting party of Orcs who were using Dire wolves both as attack creatures and as mounts. Two wolf riders observed only, and escaped before the party knew they were in the area. The party made an attempt at misleading the orcs, and headed for the southern Dwarven city of Morkimdal. Some of the party members are known here, from previous visits. The party intends to hire a guide into the northern passes of the mountain range, where they hope to find fragments of a meteor that crashed there a few months ago.

The game session ended when the party reached the city and was greeted by scouts a mile or so from the entrance.


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